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A Modern Night at the Folly 2012

10 pieces, 11 Choreographers - Picture Page

18 February 2012
The Folly Theater, 12th and Central, Kansas City, Missouri

The Choreographers

Jennifer Owen
Janet Charleston
Allison McKinzie
Erin Muenks
Maggie Osgood Nicholls
Stephen Plante and Nichole Rabb
Kimberly Holloway
Jennifer Medina
Elaine Kimble-Peaks
Dale Fellin

Canned Heat

mirror canned heat
Mirror of Jennifer Owen and musician Mark Lowry

Choreography Jennifer Owen
Music Eckhart Kopetski
Dancers Betty Kondo, Jennifer Owen, Latra Wilson
Musician Mark Lowry
Costumes Lisa Choules

Latra Wilson
Latra Wilson in Canned Heat

Betty Kondo
Betty Kondo in Canned Heat

Double Jen
Jennifer Owen and musician Mark Lowry in two frames, both directions

And Now

And Now

Choreography: Janet Charleston
Lighting Design: Brad Hull
Dancers: Students in the University Dance Company at the University of Kansas - Amelia Brodrick, Krisa Farrington, Donna Jo Harkrider, Libby Ingram, Juliet Remmers, Lucy Shopen, Lydia Snell, Laura Weidensaul
Costumes: Susan Rendall

And Now

This was a piece danced entirely in silence with studied pauses and poses.

Elastic Clatter

Choreography Allison McKinzie
Music Apex Twin, Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Dancers Mallory Gittemeier, Chelsea Koenig, Halley Willcox

The Game

Willa Dock

Choreography: Erin Muenks
Music: Gavin Stewart/ The Game, Sleep Study and LP
Dancers: Pamela Auinbauh, Jesika Cole, Willa Dock, Dawnelle Gregory, Shannon Hutsler, Sara Lancaster, David Long, Marlee Long, Matt Redix, Reggie Simmons, Lauren Thompson, Michael Tomlinson

•Thank you to the women of Veronica's Voice for sharing your stories and opening your hearts to the many women you have saved.

Triangle Factory Fire

Choreography Maggie Osgood Nicholls
Dancers Mallory Gittemeier, Holly Noel Harmison, Chelsea Koenig, Allison McKinzie, Leigh Murray, Halley Willcox
Costumes Catherine J. Osgood
Part 1 The Triangle - Music: Dario Marianelli
Part 2 The Fire - Music: Fiachra Trench, Hans Zimmer, Hennini Lohner & Martin Tillman
Part 3 In Memory - Music: Kerry Muzzey, words courtesy of youtube.com
Music edits: Maggie Osgood Nicholls

Le Coeur

Nichole Raab (top) and Stephen Plante

Choreography:..Stephen Plante and Nichole Rabb
Music:.."Dry and Dusty" by Fever Ray, "First Snow" and "Death is the Road to Awe" by Clint Mansell, Le Coeur remix edit by Nichole Raab
Dancers:..Stephen Plante and Nichole Rabb
Projection Art: Nate Bogart


Choreography: Kimberly Holloway
Music: "Unravel" by Bjork
Musician: Calvin Arsenia
Dancer: Hannah Anderson


Choreography: Jennifer Medina
Music: Saul Williams
Dancers: Tara Cacciatore, Lauren Kelly, Mariko Kumanomido, Katie Dalzell, Mary Virtue, Jena Ferrigno, Erin Lane, Kristin Banocy

I Don't Blame Them

Choreography Elaine Kimble-Peaks
Music "I Don't Blame Them" by James Blake
Dancers Lacy Frees, Elaine Kimble-Peaks, David Long, Marlee Long, Jayna Lucia-Badder

Elaine Kimble-Peaks talkes with stage manager Tara Varney during tech.



Choreography: Dale Fellin
Music: Ash Dargan
Dancers: Katie Brennan, Tuesday Faust, Amanda January, Stephen Plante, Ann Shaughnessy, Andrea Skowronek

*Thank you to the cast for sharing your passion, talent and creative input.
"Special thanks to Stephanie Whittler and Bobbi Foudre for your presence, assistance and support



From the Program ...

Board of Directors

Vanessa Vaughn-West President
Stephanie Whittler Secretary
Nicole Doyle Treasurer
Gary Rittenhouse
Dale Fellin
Marianne Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Rafia Rasu
Jeffrey Dazey
Cecilia Rog-Hughes

Artistic Co-Directors

Andrea Skowronek
Dale Fellin
Stephanie Whittler

City in Motion Staff

Regina Compernolle School Director
Andrea Skowronek Children's Dance Theater Director

City in Motion Dance Theater, Inc. is a professional dance company, a presenter of dance and a school of dance. Its mission is to foster the development of high quality contemporary dance programming and expand the dance audience in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

City in Motion Dance Theater was incorporated as a 501 (c)3 organization in 1985.

Donations may be sent to:
City in Motion Dance Theater
3925 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111

Flash photography is NOT permitted at any time during the performance. Use of a camera or other recording devices is not permitted unless arranged in advance. All choreography is copyright 2011 by the choreographers. A Modern Night at the Folly is the service mark of City in Motion Dance Theater, Inc. Program design and contents copyright 2011 by City in Motion Dance Theater: all rights reserved.

Production Staff

Production Director Crystal Robins
Technical Director/ Lighting Designer John "Moose" Kimball
Stage Manager Tara Varney
Adjudicator Patrizia Hermanjard
Folly Technical Director David Tebow
Folly Technicians Members of IATSE local 31
Photographer and Videographer Mike Strong
Poster, Cover, Program Design Tracie Davis
Printing Services Corona Litho and Western Blue

Special Thanks to: Moosewerks, W.T. Dittman, Metropolitan Community Colleges for our continued partnership, Amy Barber, Miss Shirley Weaver, The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, The Missouri Arts Council, and The Neighborhood Tourism and Development Fund for their continued support, The Greater Kansas City Community Trust and Foundation, and the wonderful Folly Staff. The production staff would like to thank our hard working board members and volunteers for their inspiring support.


City in Motion's web site: http://www.CityInMotion.org

and their Twitter link: https://twitter.com/cityinmotionkc

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