Dance In The Park 2011

The 13th Annual Dance In The Park
Saturday, 10 September 2011
Roanoke Park, Kansas CIty,MO

Produced by City in Motion Dance Theater in conjunction with
Coleman Highlands
West Plaza
- neighborhood association -


Pre-show Hip Hop Class

This show was not certain until an hour or two before performance. The day before rain had made tech rehearsal a mess. The stage was too wet to work well, even with constant wiping of the surface. No one could rehease full out and in most cases just carefully walked through their numbers.

Saturday afternoon there was one large blast of rain then everything cleared up and remained clear although the trees still dripped water on the stage which had to be cleared an later in the show, condensation began to form on the stage in surface pools of water.

By the time El Grupo Atotonilco Folklorico, the last act, got on stage, with a four dance program, the Marley was out and out dangerous. City in Motion had been on just before with a modern number but not one that required leaps and risky moves and they were in bare feet. Atotonilco was wearing hard leather soles and hard heels on their shoes to produce the heel work sounds. Aether Hip Hop was before CIM but they were wearing rubber-soled shoes for grip. Also the condensation didn't seem to be a problem yet.

Only a few seconds into the first number Jean-Paul Chaurand came close to injury and also in the second number. His feet went out from underneath him totally as his boots hydroplaned across the stage surface. It didn't look pretty but the video showed how effective his recovery was. Viewing the video frames later I realized that he made two very good recoveries from what would have been either a busted face or a trip backward off the front of the stage. Some fancy footwork both times saved him, barely.

After that the folkloric troupe really had to pull back from their usual full-out style. It still looked good enough for performance but they had only two choices, quit because of the hazard or continue in a restricted style. In true "The Show Must Go On" fashion Atotonilco finished their set but after watching the video I could see how truly dangerous the water on the stage was.

The video scared me more than watching it unfold in front of me because he recovered quickly and kept going. But viewing this frame by frame in my editor was actually scary. Had I seen my video before I shot it I would probably have been waving my arms in alarm. Usually we are concerned that a dancer will get hit with electronic flash from a camera causing them to go hurtling into parts unknown. There are other hazards such as hard floors which injure knees or floors with uneven floor boards or even holes and electric cables from bands ready to trip dancers (I'm not making that up). The water on the stage top provided serious risk of injury. We lucked out.

One other thing about this stage and it may have to do with the water as well and with the need to pull down their performance level but I think it was the Marley and this stage. The stage just didn't have good sound for the heel work. It should have been sharp and hard instead it was dulled on the edges while the metal understructure added its own noise. Definitly not the best sound but there was nothing to be done.

And after all I just said about the rain and the wet conditions on stage for tech and then nearing the end of performance again, a large and enthusiastic crowd showed up for the free show. It is always nice to be reminded of what a community can be. Members of the neighborhoods coming together and dancers supporting other dancers and the just-plain-niceness of dance in a public park with blankets and folding chairs for seating.

In other areas I was glad to see Nichole Raab and Jade Osborne of Voler Thieves of Flight doing floor work. Despite the popularity of silk work and other aerial performance devices aerials have shown a limited performance range or a "see me, I'm up high" kind of appeal. Pretty but not a lot of variation. Such an observations seems a tad mean because this really takes a huge amount of work and skill and artistry as well as determination just to manage the extra equipment for performance. This is never just hanging around. Watch the positions and you will see balletic skills, good feet, legs, and the whole lineup of technical skills required in ballet, without the ground to anchor on. Even so, aerial already needs to break out of the limited framework. Voler breaks that limitation.

Voler's Raab and Osborne performed a number on the floor before moving to a high ring to swing from. Rachel MacMeachin opened the number on silk hanging from from the top of an 18-foot high tetrahedral frame (a "three-sided pyramid"). Of course, it looked very pretty.

Pre-Show Kid's (and older "kid's") Hip Hop Class

Class Leader: Tamiko French

Tamiko French is the adult in the center wearing a pink shirt


City in Motion Apprentice Company &
Children's Dance Theatre

Growing Up

Choreography: Kat Kimmitz
Music: SigurRos
Apprentice Company Dancers: Julia Badji, Amber Brownlee, Leah Brownlee, Madeline Cozad, Guthrie Kimball, Sierra Laing, Greer Madole, Lilly McGonigle, Nakysha Osadchey, Dominique Vaughan, Marina Vianello
Children's Dance Theater Dancers: Diana Garbison, Kestrel Jurkiewicz-Miles, Lita Lockhart, Liliana Reyes, Arianwen Sharman, Samantha Wilson

City in Motion Apprentice company, jetes and stag leaps: Marina, Dominique, Greer, Leah

City in Motion Children's Dance Theater


Rincé Revolution

(2 dances)

An Rinchi Crann

Choreography: Katherine Lindboe
Music: An Dochas/Kink
Costume: Dancers
Dancers: Bridgid Driscoll, Catherine Barrett, Catherine Colwell, Kiera O'Boyle, Lauren Peters, Lauren West, Sarah Armstrong, Theresa Britten

Both pieces represent the spirit of Rincé Revolution - traditional Irish dance infused with styles of ballet & jazz


Kansas City Movement

(3 dances)

Shadow Feet
To the End

Choreography: Rachel Plante-EuDaly
Music: Brooke Fraser, Interference, Eric EuDaly with arrangement by The Crockpots
Musicians: David Eames, Eric EuDaly, Marshall Hylton, Ashley Tezon
Costumes: Rachel Plante-EuDaly
Dancers: Breanna Carter, Kalene Dunn, Rachel Plante-Eudaly, Eleanor Scott


Owen/Cox Dance Group

Fuga Tanguera

Choreography: Jennifer Owen
Music: Brad Cox
Costumes: Lisa Choules
Dancers: Laura Jones, Jennifer Owen, Rose Taylor-Spann, Latra Wilson

Latra Wilson, Laura Jones

Tech with Rose Taylot-Spann, Jennifer Owen, Laura Jones - Saturday afternoon, on a dry stage

Jennifer Owen


William Chrisman High School Samoan Youth

A Mix of Traditional Samoan Siva (Dances)

Choreography: Amara Afuvai, Suasami Fa'agalu, Kome Key
Music: Traditional Samoan
Musician: Lealali Key
Costumes: Miliama Su'a
Dancers: Tiulama Anani, Pule Faitau, Sonia Faitau, Taniela Faletau, Kishon Ho-Chee, Sophie Kavea, Herman Lematua, Carmen Niutili, Haini Niutili, Fealofani Olamaleva, Tauivi Olamaleva, Miliama Su'a, Shalia Taula.

Lealali Key


Voler - Thieves of Flight

(2 dances)


Choreography: Rachel McMeachin, Jade Osborne, Nichole Raab
Music: The XX, Clint Mansell
Dancers: Rachel McMeachin, Jade Osborne, Nichole Raab

Rachel McMeachin

Nichole Raab, Jade Osborne

Rachel McMeachin

Rachel McMeachin

Jade Osborne

Nichole Raab, Jade Osborne


Left Turn Ahead


Choreography: Marisa MacKay-Smith
Music: Bach, Timberland featuring D.O.E, and Keri Hilson
Costumes: Marisa MacKay-Smith
Dancers: Bobbi Foudree, Maggie Osgood Nicholls, Stephen Plante, Jo Wertz

Note from the choreographer: I would like to thank the dancers of "Juxtaposition" for all of their artistic input and character they imprinted into this piece. As an audience member, you are not being fooled; you are wit­nessing the same choreography with two completely different songs. I wanted to show how versatile some choreographic language can be, along with how our minds control what we see and hear, yielding these senses to meld our perceptions of art.

Stephen Plante in jete, Maggie Osgood Nicholls, Bobbie Foudree, Jo Wertz

Bobbi Foudree

Maggie Osgood Nicholls


Aether: Hip Hop Fusion

Aether: Hip Hop Fusion

Choreography: Tamiko French
Music: Ethan Aether, Usher Raymond, Kanye West, Elephant Man, Kardinal Official
Dancers: Tamiko French, Jennifer Morris, Mya Sudduth, Lance Turner, Fred Rucker


City in Motion Dance Theater

Something Unknown

Choreography: Stephanie Whittler
Music: Bjork
Dancers: Katie Brennan, Amanda January, Stephen Plante, Ann Shaughnessy, Andrea Skowronek

Katie Brennan, Ann Shaughnessy, Amanda January



El Grupo Folklorico Atotonilco

4 dances from The State of Jalisco

El Sihualteco
El Tranchete
La Negra
El Jarabe Jalisciense

Choreography: Jean-Paul Chaurand
Music: Traditional Mariachi
Dancers: Company members

Tech late Saturday afternoon.

Jean Paul Chaurand

Waiting to go on



Go or no go decision based on the weather on Saturday afternoon with a still rain-wet stage
Facing is Ann Shaughnessy, Production Director & Stage Manager, at left event coordinator Andrea Skowronek, and on the right Technical Director & Lighting Designer John "Moose" Kimball

A walking stick on the edge of the stage. Who knows, with training, maybe a dancing stick.

Artist area behind the dressing tent. front right table from Owen/Cox Rose Taylor Spann, Jennifer Owen and Laura Jones. Right behind is Aether Hip Hop group . left in back is Samoan group and to the left on the platform at two dancers from Kansas City Movement.

Pulling up tape and clearing the sticky residue (because of the rain) after the end of the show.

Stage closing down, just before rolling ujp the <arley


Vaness Vaughn-West, CIM Board President

Tech on friday: Rachel McMeachin stretches before a run through

Rachel McMeachin - Friday Tech

Voler - putting up the rigging frame - Friday Tech


From the program:

Production Staff

Technical Director/Lighting Designer John "Moose" Kimball
Production Director/Stage Manager Ann Shaughnessy
Technical Assistant Daniel Parks
Assistant Stage Manager Beth Byrd
Event Coordinators Mary Ann Allen & Andrea Skowronek
Volunteer Coordinator June Holte

City in Motion Board of Directors
Vanessa Vaughn-West, President;
Stephanie Whittler, Secretary;
Nicole Doyle, Treasurer;
Gary Rittenhouse,
Chris Johnson,
Dale Fellin,
Marianne Johnson,
Rafia Rasu

Graphic Designer Susan Tower
Photographer Mike Strong
Host Michael Hogge


Dance in the Park would not be possible without the inspired dedication of
this outstanding group of neighborhood residents who worked with local
businesses and sponsors to present this group of uniquely talented
dancers. They organized, they fund raised, and they coordinated.
Here are the people who made it happen.

Bill Allen, Zeke Amador, Ingrid Busch, Diane Capps, Mary Corona, Steven Davis, Tracie Davis, Nicole Doyle, Brian Duff, Pam Gilford, Global Prairie Integrated Marketing Communications, Officer Gale Hall, Bill Harris, Nathan Harris, Kansas State University Department of Communication Studies Theatre and Dance, Kat Kimmitz, Kyle Koch, Charles Lockhart, Beth Byrd Lonski, Richard Lonski, Joe Montanari, Janet Moss, Michael Pate, Jim Peters, Renae Price, Gary Rittenhouse, Barbara Rues, Eban Schachter, Marcy Smalley, Amy Walsh Stock, Julie Tenenbaum, Dominic Torre, Rachel Torre, Steve Torre, Eric Vianello, Mary Ellen Vincent, Joel Wakham, Airick Leonard West,
and Vanessa Vaughn-West

Special thanks to the City in Motion Board of Directors!

City in Motion's web site:

and their Twitter link:

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