Opening crowd. Airick West with camera (left) and panorama across crowd (bigger than it seems in this stitched photograph)

Dance In The Park - 11 September 2010

12th Anniversary

Pam Auinbauh and Erik Sobbe in Flow by Paula Weber - UMKC at Dance in the Park 2010 photo by Mike Strong
Erik Sobbe and Pam Auinbauh from UMKC group

The five neighborhoods in conjunction with City in Motion

Vanessa Vaughn West, CIM Board President

Coleman Highlands, Roanoke, Valentine, Volker, West Plaza

Saturday 11 September 20010
Roanoke Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Pre-performance African class led by Vanessa Gibbs

  Goin' Down The Road
Group City in Motion Children's Dance Theatre / Apprentice Company
Choreography Ann Shaughnessy
Music Modest Mouse
Dancers Julia Badji, Amber Brownlee, Leah Brownlee, Madeline Cozad, Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles, Kestrel Jurkiewicz-Miles, Guthrie Kimball, Lydia Knopp, Sierra Laing, Lita Lockhart, Greer Madole, Lilly McGonigle, Nakysha Osadchey, Arianwen Sharman, De'Anthony Vaughan, Dominique Vaughan, Marina Vianello and Samantha Wilson

Group UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance
Choreography Paula Weber
Music J.S. Bach as performed by Murray Perahia
Costume Paula Weber
Dancers Pamela Auinbach and Erik Sobbe

See more shots from this beautiful piece by Paula Weber, danced by Pam Auinbauh and Erik Sobbe. It generated so many nice shots from both tech and performance that I did a break out set of photos on a separate page at cim_umkc_Flow_sep10.asp


Pam Auinbauh and Erik Sobbe in Flow by Paula Weber - UMKC at Dance in the Park 2010 photo by Mike Strong
Pam Auinbauh and Erik Sobbe - UMKC

Pam Auinbauh and Erik Sobbe in Flow by Paula Weber - UMKC at Dance in the Park 2010 photo by Mike Strong

  Hush Hush
Group Ballroom Magic
Choreography Christine Bar and Angela McKay
Music Pussycat Dolls
Dancers Christine Bar, Alexandre Bar, Angela McKay, Stephen Marx, Jacob Marshall, Brittany Blackburn, Talaessa Bice, Jesse Lopez, Hope Blackburn
Costumes Christine Bar and Angela McKay

Christina Bar and Stephen Marx from Ballroom Magic

Left to Right: Christina Bar, Alexandre Bar, Angie McKay, Stephen Marx, Hope Blackburn (hidden), Jacob Marshall, Talaessa Bice, Jesse Lopez

  The Black Hole
Group Kansas State University
Division Dept. of Communication Studies, Theatre and Dance
Choreography David Ollington
Dancers Ching Her, Tyler Nenaber, Amanda Meinhardt, Eryka Stabel, Samantha Burkhater, Heather Haberberger, Melissa Porter, Anna Ukele, Hannah Coash, and Michelle Thomas
Costumes Cim Roesener

Kansas State Dance Program
Manhattan, Kansas

A loss in the dance family

David Ollington, K-State dance professor announced to the crowd the death of neighboring University of Kansas dance professor Janet Hamburg who fell from a building in New York City onto a construction platform the weekend before, Saturday 4 September 2010. He also dedicated his work in the concert to her.

Hamburg was a world renowned teacher who lived in Lawrence, Kansas but also worked in NYC and other cities.

Quote: "Her research has focused on coordination problems in children and adults, athletic performance, movement problems of older adults, and movement therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease." See more here:

Articles about:
Dance Studio Life *
Lawrence Journal World
KU news release
LJW - scholarship fundraiser dedicated to...

Classical Indian
  Sloka / Bha Wai
Group Gurukul Academy
Choreography Samarpita Bajpai
Music Traditional
Costumes Traditional

Gurukul Academy - Artistic Director Samarpita Bajpai -
Two points, that is not a headset on her head.
She is really balancing that whole set of objects on her head while dancing.
She is dancing on broken glass. (for real)

The broken glass was the finale for an piece in which she dances while balancing an increasingly higher and smaller set of objects on her head. She starrts with a circular padded head ring a one pot then dances on two glass tumblers. Next, another pot and she dances on two small sword blades, followed by a third pot and dancing on the rim of a dish (see her getting the third pot below left) and last by a fourth pot and the broken glass (above in tech and below right in performance).

Gurukul Academy
Phone : 913-731-2746
Email :
3205, W 147th St, Leawood, KS 66224

Group City in Motion Dance Theater
Choreography Dale Fellin
Music TTG Music Lab
Dancers Katie Brennan, Tracie Davis, Penelope Hearne, Amanda January, Kat Kimmitz, Ann Shaughnessy and Stephanie Whittier
Costumes Dale Fellin

3925 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Amanda January during tech on Friday.

Dale Fellin in tech Saturday directing City in Motion dancers.

Performance on Saturday

hip hop
Group The Cheez-its
Choreography David Cross and Noah Lucas
Music Final Fantasy 7
Dancers David Cross and Noah Lucas
Costumes David Cross and Noah Lucas
Graffiti Marcus Shadden

  Cyprus Avenue (Concert Sampler)
Group Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company
Song I've Never Loved a Man
Choreography DeeAnna Hiett
Music Aretha Franklin
Dancers DeeAnna Hiett, Tracey Franklin, Brittany Duskin, Christina Mowrey, Latra Wilson
Costumes Design: DeeAnna Hiett, Construction: Laura Powell
Song I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Choreography Jennifer Medina
Music The Beatles
Dancers Brittany Duskin, Tracy Vogt, Erik Sobbe, Gavin Stewart, Michael Tomlinson
Costumes Design: Jennifer Medina

209 South Olive Kansas City, MO 64124 United States
(816) 241-4511

A Note about The Cyprus Avenue Dance Concert

The work shown here (Heartbreaker and I wanna hold your hand) are excerpts from the upcoming Cyprus Avenue Concert September 24th and 25th at UMKC's White Recitall hall. at 8 pm

The Cyrus Avenue concert is a collaboration between W/H and Bill Shapiro of KCUR (he is the creator and the host of the long-running "Cyprus Avenue" program). The songs are his picks and he will be narrating (as he does on radio) while the choreography is all new.

Choreographers for the show are Mary Pat Henry, Paula Weber, William Whitener, Sean Curran, Tiffany Sisemore, Telly Fowler and DeeAnna Hiett. You can see a preview of some of the pieces as part of this First Friday at The Crossroads on the 3rd of September here: crossroads

It will be in the Performing Arts Center, 4949 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64110 (that is the north side of UMKC just south of Volker, with the exit off Rockhill - red brick building with "The Rep"
- click here for tickets

Waiting to go on for tech friday night - Wylliams / Henry Contemporary Dance Company

DeeAnna Hiett (front) and (L-R) behind Brittany Duskin, Tracey Franklin, Christina Mowrey, Latra Wilson

  Incandescence / Who's Who
Group Luna Breeze Performance Art
Choreography Brie Blakeman (Luna Breeze)
Music My-Tea Kind/Tipper
Performer Brie Blakeman (Luna Breeze)
Costume Brie Blakeman (Luna Breeze)

Luna Breeze Performance Art

Brie Blakeman

West African
  West African Suite
Group Soundz of Africa / Traditional Music Society
Choreography Danny Hinds, Diadie Bathily, and Vanessa Gibbs
Musicians Xavier Fleming, Freddie Brim, Ian Morgan, D. J. Malabre, Jama Tanner, and Bird Ellington Fleming
Dancers Vanessa Gibbs, Tinka Barnes, Andrea Williams, Jaya Phillips, Myeisha Rogers, DaSannon Carter, Shayla Townsend, Imani Williamson, Ronnie Brown, and Jayveona Whitley
Costumes Che

Traditonal Music Society
Picture page on this site from student showcase earlier this year at

  Production Staff
Technical Director/Lighting Designer John (Moose) Kimball
Production Director/Stage Manager Ann Shaughnessy
Sound Engineer David Kiehl
Assistant Stage Manager Beth Byrd
Event Coordinators Mary Ann Allen and Andrea Skowronek
Volunteer Coordinator June Holte
City in Motion Board of Directors Vanessa Vaughn-West, President
Greyson Twist; Vice-President
Stephanie Whittier, Secretary
Nicole Doyle, Treasurer
Gary Rittenhouse
Dale Fellin
Marianne Johnson
Tessa Van Dieren
Graphic Designer Tracie Davis
Photographer Mike Strong
Video Nicole English and Mike Strong
Host Michael Hogge

Stretching the Marley late Saturday afternoon to tighten up the stage floor.
The Marley (heavy vinyl) is on top of a layer of thin masonite laid over the platform itself.
Front to back, Penelope Hearn (CIM dancer), Kat Kimmitz (CIM dancer), Beth Byrd (assistant stage manager), David Kiehl (sound)

 Dance in the Park would not be possible without the inspired dedication of this outstanding group of neighborhood residents who worked with local businesses and sponsors to present this group of uniquely talented dancers. They organized, they fund raised, and they coordinated. Here are the people who made it happen.
 Bill Allen, Zeke Amador, Ingrid Busch, Diane Capps, Mary Corona, Steven Davis, Tracie Davis, Nicole Doyle, Brian Duff, Pam Gilford, Global Prairie Integrated Marketing Communications, Officer Gale Hall, Bill Harris, Nathan Harris, Kansas State University Department of Communication Studies Theatre and Dance, Kat Kimmitz, Kyle Koch, Charles Lockhart, Beth Byrd Lonski, Richard Lonski, Joe Montanari, Janet Moss, Michael Pate, Jim Peters, Renae Price, Gary Rittenhouse, Barbara Rues, Eban Schachter, Marcy Smalley, Amy Walsh Stock, Julie Tenenbaum, Dominic Torre, Rachel Torre, Steve Torre, Eric Vianello, Mary Ellen Vincent, Joel Wakham, Airick Leonard West, and Vanessa Vaughn-West
 Special thanks to the City in Motion Board of Directors!

Listening to stage business, Beth Byrd, assistant stage manager, as Michael Hogge (KKFI) makes starting announcements


City in Motion's web site:

and their Twitter link:

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