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Dance in the Park 2005 - 10 September

(Left-Right) Marisa MacKay, Kat Kimmitz (Reach) in "Water Torture"

Dance in the Park

Saturday evening, 10 September 2005
Roanoke Park, Kansas City, MO

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City in Motion - Children's Dance Theater - modern
'"Smile" 1 - Prayer
II - Veg-a-tables
III - Wind Chimes
IV - Final Prayer
Choreography Andrea Skowronek
Music Brian Wilson
Costumes Linda Jurkiewicz
Performed by Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles, Guthrie Kinball, Lydia Knopp, Sierra Laing, MaKenna Lockhart, Greer Madole, Nakysha Mays, Marina Vianello
Nritya School of Indian Dance and Music - Indian
Choreography Dhananjayans
Music Bharatha Kalanjali
Costumes Nritya
Performed by Hema Sharma, Hema Shivananda, Janaki Sharma
Reach ... a movement collective - modern
'"Water Torture"
Choreography Marisa MacKay
Music Moby
Costumes M. Suzanne Ryan and Marisa MacKay
Performed by Marisa MacKay and Kat Kimmitz
Louis and Company - salsa
'"Salsa Casino Rueda"
Choreography Louis Bar
Music Wilkins, from the movie Salsa
Performed by Lee Orrison, Sabrina Sanders, Zac Bennett, Jackyn Larson, Mario Orelus, Kellie Cardell, Phil Carney, Sara Zakeri, Christopher Badell, April Okken, Mark Hellwedge, Jacke Acker, Daniel Hemphill, Kim Gaul, Randy Bledsoe, Toni Dodd
aha! dance theatre - modern
'"On Common Ground"
Choreography Susan Rieger
Music Ingrid Stolzel
Costumes Tracie Davis
Performed by Hayley Cherveny, Sarah Mermis, Carla Pellman,Crystal Robins
B Ray Entertainment presents "Heat" - Hip Hop
'"Back to the Basics!"
Choreography Bobby Ray
Music Various artists
Performed by Bobby Ray, Jaqwan, Aaliyah, Holly, Aaron, Rachel, Jazmine, Dee
No still pictures from this, only video. The stage was dark too dark for still pictures. The light came from black-light patches on the costumes and various kinds of light sticks.
Video had to be boosted by 18db and that produced a very "grainy" image.
Midtown School of Dance - Ballet
'"Neon Ballet"
Choreography Kim Shope
Music Terry Gibbs Dream Band
Costumes Neon by Tom Cobian of the Downtown Neon Gallery
Performed by Abigail Krusemark, Amilia Winter, Portia Hahn-Leat, Melissa Lane, Susan Zhu, Hailey Allen, Meka Kelly, Greer Madole, Madeline Cozad, Lily Davis, Talia Hubble-Algave, Ellie Shorter, Emma Starr, Sage Wolfe, Audrey Carroll, Sarah Cozad, Mara Cressey, Adrienne Eckhart, Anne Marie James, Anna Krizman, Nora Malone, Anna McClelland, Courtney McClelland, Eleanor Nash, Audrey Pendergraft, Maggie Prim.
Acknowledgements This year's performance is a collaborative effort with Downtown Neon Gallery using ideas from our students. Thank you to all the dancers for your creativity, imagination and excitement while putting our dance together. Dedication: Kim dedicates tonight's performance to her friend Mike Supple. Mike's peaceful and positive attitude enriched the lives of all who knew or cared for him. Let us always remember.
Grupo Beribazu - Capoeira
Choreography none - improvised movements by performers
Costumes Beribazu Capoeira
Performed by Professor Sapato, Quaseleira, Instructor Ninja, Cabeca de Coco, Sabia, Clube de Luta, Molinha, Moleado, Superhomem, Franja Sararara, Tocador de Berimbau
Acknowledgements Special thanks to Forca Rara Capoeira and Instrutor Ninja
Kacico Dance - modern
Choreography Michelle Diane Brown
Music Bobby McFerrin
Costumes Alyson Schacherer
Performed by Kathryn Alexander, Bobbi Foudree, Shandi Miller, Julie Delancy Rudolf, Lindsay Spilker
Acknowledgements Kacico Dance wants to thank our first year founders for making this season possible
Raghsidad - Middle Eastern
Choreography Cynthia Willsey
Music dj Cheb i Sabbah
Costumes Lydia Ash
Performed by Cara Dietz, Jana Rittenhouse, Cynthia Willsey, Lori Hanson, Barbara Beckett, Lisa King, Stephanie Hamby
Acknowledgements Steve Krischel
940 Dance Company - modern
'"Spring Fever"
Choreography Susan Warden
Music Guiseppe Verdi
Costumes Susan Warden
Performed by Tuesday Faust and Joshua Gregory
Acknowledgements Lawrence Arts Center


City in Motion Dance Theater - modern
'"In Stereo"  
Choreography Donna K. Frogge
Music Chrysler
Performed by Katie Alexander, Kalen Compernolle, Jaenae Egersett, Dale Fellin, Joanna Strom, Andrea Skowronek, Stephanie Whittler

Dale Fellin and Jaenae Egersett

Louis Bar and Laura Cantu - tango
'"Milonga" - Music: Tango Lorca
'"Tango Fantasia" - Music: La Cumparsita
Choreography Louis Bar
Performed by Louis Bar and Laura Cantu


Latin Rhythms - mambo
'"All About Mambo"
Choreography Josh Hernandez
Music L.A. Mambo Combo Jazz Ensemble
Performed by Josh Hernandez, Kisa Wright, Fanny Maldonado, Allan Chow
Acknowledgements Special thank to Luther Wilson Enterprises for helping with music editing, John and Liz for their inspiration

Extras and Pre-Performance


A Few More Pictures:

Pre-show: Louis & Co.

Kat Kimmitz in "Water Torture"

Louis & Co. in Salsa Casino Rueda



Kacico Dance

Louis Bar & Laura Cantu, Tango

Louis Bar & Laura Cantu, Tango

Latin Rhythm - Allan Chow and Fanny Maldonado

Latin Rhythms - Josh Hernandez, Kisa Wright, Allan Chow, Fanny Maldonado


Unless otherwise noted photos and copyright 2024 Mike Strong KCDance.Com and Mike Strong Photo Gallery and CV Site - Email This Page

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