American Youth Ballet - 4 performances

Nutcracker 2018

In Yardley Hall, Johnson County Community College

Saturday 15 December 2018, 2 pm and 7 pm
and Sunday 16th 2 pm and 6 pm
( Note that evening times differ between Sat 7pm and Sun 6pm )
JCCC(dress/performance) in Yardley Hall (14,15 / 16, 17Dec)

Ticketing - JCCC Box Office: 913-469-4445
Via: - at $15, $21 and $23

Tickets prices: Adults Orch.- $23 Tier/Terr - $21 Balcony - $15 Youth 12 & Under
Yardley Hall's capacity is 1341 seats
- Full or nearly full each performance

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Last Year's:
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In-Theater pictures at JCCC's Yardley Hall

Pictures from Dress and Performance Days

Hannah Baillie - Dress 2

Hannah Baillie - Dress 1

Grown Clara
Grown Clara, Ellie Heibert

Louisa (Nadine Peck) and Fritz (Julia Walewicz) stuggle over the Nutcracker

Working on notes following dress # 1

Conductor Shah Sadikov and Assistant conductor Raffaele Cipriano go over the score

Julia Harshbarger with saute chat to stage left followed by ...

... a cross with saute chat, Trey Johnson (L) and Julia Harshbarger (R)

Annie Cook - rose and flowers

Snow King and Queen
Seth York and Julia Harshbarger, Snow King and Queen

Sugar Plum sequence
Three-frame sequence with Hannah Baillie as Sugar Plum Fairy.

Grown Clara
Julia Walewicz as Grown Clara

Grown Clara Sequence
8-frame sequence of Grown Clara (Julia Walewicz)

New floor

New Floor side pieces

Bass entering
Bass entering, backstage production landing

setting up in the orchestra pit

back of curtain
Behind the curtain, pre-performance Saturday evening

Seth and Julia
Behind the curtain, Seth York and Julia Harshbarger

Seth and Julia
Behind the curtain, Seth York and Julia Harshbarger

Ximena Flores practicing for her Spanish lead behind the curtain between acts at 7pm performance Saturday

Class before Sunday 6 pm performance, temps leve

Class before Sunday 6 pm performance, pas de chat

Loading out
Loading out Sunday about 8:30 pm

My video setup
My primary video camera setup, one for close and one for wide with another in back, high for reconstruction footage

Pictures from Studio Rehearsal Saturday before theater

Party Guests with Curt Knupp (Center) as Dr. Drosselmeyer

Window Shot 1
My "window shot" - snowflakes heading out, stage right

Conductor Shah in the studio
OP Orchestra Conductor Shah taking notes

Pictures from Studio Rehearsal - 1st run

Miriam and Julia

Saute Chat

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

AYB Nutcracker 1st studio run

American Youth Ballet

Artistic Directors Jennifer Tierney and Kristopher Estes-Brown
Company Manager and Rehearsal Director Laura Jones-Wallner
Senior Company Abbey Crews, Ann Nelson, Ansley Chambers, Alexis Applegate, Annie Cook, Audrey Merckling, Ella Hiebert, Gavin Hoedl, Hannah Baillie, Hannah Chong, Julia Harshbarger, Julia Walewicz, Mackenzie Feldman, Maureen Borberg, Miriam Rogers, Ximena Flores
Junior Company Avani Lakkireddy, Annika Jones, Caroline Taliaferro, Ella Huggins, Elsa Pineda, Madalyn Hesterlee, McKenzie Dull, Nadine Peck, Olivia Ayres, Rebeca Flores, Lexi Arp, Lily Leach, Tara Cook, Vera Scanlan, Vivian Hsiao
Apprentice Company Arielle Li, Sophia Qiu, Lily Deich, Lindsey Kim, Koyuri Morita, Cindy Jiang, Hannah Kang, Ella Kaemmer, Halle Jaeger, Daphne Johnson, Sara Ye, Janina Ouyang

Nutcracker 2018

Choreography Kristopher Estes-Brown
Music composed Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky
Set Design Jason Phillips, Paul Mesner Puppets, Ryan Hasler, and Kristopher Estes-Brown
Lighting Design Kristopher Estes-Brown
Costuming DirectorJennifer Tierney with Deborah Green, Gayla Voss, Denna Flickner, Carol Brookover, and Kate Erlinger
Act I
Young Clara Tara Cook (2 pm), Rebeca Flores (7,6 pm)
Dr. Drosselmeyer Curt Knupp
Nephew Asher Wilson
Louisa Nadine Peck
Fritz Julia Walewicz
Governess Audrey Merckling
Columbine Ella Heibert (2 pm), Ann Nelson (7,6 pm)
VivandiereMaureen Borberg (2 pm), Hannah Chong (7,6 pm)
Soldier Doll Seth York
Frau Stahlbaum Laura Wallner
Herr Stahlbaum Tony Witt
Grandmother / Rat QueenJennifer Tierney
Maids Annie Cook, Ximena Flores, Abbey Crews
Party Guest Parents Gavin Hoedl, Trey Johnson, Hannah Baillie, Alexis Applegate, Makenzie Feldman, Moe Graenser
Party Guest Children Mason Cook (2 pm), Max Isaac, Preston Cook, Souleye Bodian, Evan Albee, Owen Chambers (7,6 pm), Vera Scanlan, Lexi Arp (2 pm), Ella Kaemmer, Sophia Qui (2 pm), Halle Jaeger, Koyuri Morita (2 pm), Arielle Li Daphne Johnson, Lindsey Kim, Annabella Choi (2 pm), Lily Leach (7,6 pm), Cindy Jiang (7,6 pm), Sara Ye (7,6 pm), Jonina Ouyang (7,6 pm)
Baby Mice Madeline Davenport, Rivka Albee, Claire Wheat, Clare Nissen, Sophia Teply, Kylie Mohr, Liberty Davis
Mice Matalin Patel, Mia Maciula, Addison Tharp, Adeline Qin, Ellie Xu, Lillian Meier, Juliet Lothyan, Emily Allen Kyla Hess, Bella Breithaupt, Ashley Chen
CavalryNadine Peck, Olivia Ayres
Soldiers Annika Jones, Vivian Hsiao, Elsa Pineda, Caroline Taliaferro (2 pm), Hannah Kang (2 pm), Avani Lakkireddy, Madalyn Hesterlee, Rebeca Flores (2 pm), McKenzie Dull (7,6 pm), Lily Deich, Tara Cook (7,6 pm)
Nutcracker Asher Wilson
Grown ClaraJulia Walewicz (2 pm), Ella Hieibert (7,6 pm)
Snow King Seth York
Snow Queen Abbey Crews (2 pm), Julia Harshbarger (7,6 pm)
Snowflakes Ansley Chambers, Ximena Flores, Julia Harshbarger, Maureen Borberg, Audrey Merckling, Alexis Applegate, Ella Heibert, Miriam Rogers, Ann Nelson, Avani Lakkireddy, Annika Jones, Ella Huggins, Hannah Baillie, Annie Cook, Hannah Chong, Julia Walewicz, Abbey Crews, Mackenzie Feldman, Madalyn Hesterlee, Olivia Ayers, Ella Huggins, Annika Jones
Party Boy Costume partially underwritten by the Albee Family
Cherub costumes generously underwritten by the Witt Family
Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu generously underwritten by the Mueller Family Sheep Costume generously underwritten by the 3GenWealth and The Peck Family Russian costume generously underwritten by the Wang Family
Act II
Sugar Plum Fairy Hannah Baillie (2 pm) Annie Cook (7,6 pm)
Chinese Leads Makenzie Feldman (2 pm) Audrey Merkling (7,6 pm), Maureen Borberg (2 pm) Ansley Chambers (7,6 pm), Russian Leads Ximena Flores (2 pm) Abbey Crews (7,6 pm)
Angel Leads Alexis Applegate (2 pm) Hannah Chong (7,6 pm), Madalyn Hesterlee (2 pm) Annika Jones (7,6 pm), Avani Lakkireddy (2 pm) Ella Huggins (7,6 pm)
Spanish Leads Miriam Rogers (2 pm) Ximena Flores (7,6 pm), Gavin Hoedl
Mirliton Lead Audrey Merckling (2 pm), Miriam Rogers
Arabian Leads Julia Harshbarger (2 pm), Hannah BaiIlie (7,6 pm), Trey Johnson
Rose Queen Annie Cook (2 pm) Julia Walewicz (7,6 pm)
Black Sheep Lexi Arp (2 pm) Lindsey Kim (7,6 pm)
Lead Cook Vera Scanlan, Lexi Arp (7,6 pm) Lily Leach (7,6 pm)
Angels Elsa Pineda (7,6 pm), Tara Cook (2 pm) Vera Scanlan, Vivian Hsiao, Lexi Arp, Caroline Taliaferro, Lily Leach
Cherubs and Page James Klenke, Phoebe Fyten, Vivienne Weaver, Claire Wheat
Spanish Corps Alexis Applegate, Ansley Chambers, Maureen Borberg, Ann Nelson
Arabian Corps Kira Ayers, McKenzie Dull
Chinese Corps Matalin Patel, Mia Maciula, Adeline Qin, Ellie Xu, Lillian Meier, Juliet Lothyan
Mirliton Corps Hannah Chong (2 pm) Ann Nelson (7,6 pm), Annika Jones (2 pm) Nadine Peck (7,6 pm) Ella Huggins (2 pm) Madalyn Hesterlee (7,6 pm), Olivia Ayres (2 pm) Avani Lakkireddy (7,6 pm)
Sheep Madellne Harvey, Estella Stawarz, Kiersten Koenings, Hadley Reeves, Fiona Ye, Yunah Kang (7,6 pm) Bella Gladish (2 pm) Aoi Morita (7,6 pm) Emily Patrella
Russian Corps Lily Leach (2 pm) Vivian Hsiao (7,6 pm) Caroline Taliaferro (2 pm) Elsa Pineda (7,6 pm)
Gingerbreads Sophia Qui, Lily Deich (2 pm) Koyurio Morita (7,6 pm), Sara Ye (2 pm), Halle Jaeger (7,6 pm), Arielle Li (2 pm), Ella Kaemmer (7,6 pm), Cindy Jiang (2 pm), Annabella Choi (7,6 pm), Daphne Johnson (2 pm), Janina Ouyang, Hannah Kang (7,6 pm)
Gumdrop Buttons Anna Sawafuji, Shiloh Nelson, Layla Maciula, Caroline Nissen (2 pm) Katie Chen (7,6 pm), Rowan McGill Chloe Hanks, Sofia Huqqins
Cooks Nyla Yearby (2 pm) Audrey Brown (7,6 pm), Hazel Leach (2 pm) Sophia Sitzes (7,6 pm), Betsy Rodriguez (7,6 pm), Amelie Meintjes (2 pm) Asher Merkling (7,6 pm), Evyn Diegel
Flowers Ansley Chambers, Ximena Flores, Julia Harshbarger, Maureen Borberg, Audrey Merckling, Alexis Applegate, Ella Hiebert, Miriam Rogers, Ann Nelson, Avani Lakkireddy, Annika Jones, Ella Huggins, Hannah Chong, Abbey Crews, Madalyn Hesterlee
Overland Park Orchestra
Sponsored by the City of Overland Park
ConductorShah Sadikov
Assistant ConductorRaffaele Cipriano
Violin I Vicki Hauser, Concertmaster, Joyce Ahn, Cynthia Dong, Kara Hess, Rebecca Hill, Yeanna Moon
Violin II Edwin Fukunaga, Principal, Mary Adams, Arjun Gampala, James Taylor, Ernestine Wildman, Julianne Zheng
Viola Jackie Ives, Principal , Kelly Childers , Faith Childress , Hali Liu , Karen Sowers, Erin Wilson
Cello Gail DeGeer, Kelly Irvin , Becky Miller , Ed Roxas , Betsy Wright
Bass Kathleen McCullough, Principal , Carolyn Thurlby
Flute Nancy Clark, Principal , Susan Culp , Charles Jessup
Piccolo Charles Jessup, Principal
Oboe Roy Messick, Principal , Hannah Thurlby, Principal
English Horn Kristin Thurlby
Clarinet George Pagels, Principal , Calvin Winkler
Bass Clarinet Will Belden
Bassoon Carissa Kasper, Principal , Fraser Farmer, Principal , Kailey Peterson
Horn Jerry Old, Principal , Paul Jolley , Emily Johns , Conja Summerlin
Trumpet David Clark, Principal , Tim Gillispie
Trombone Bob Wilson, Principal , Micheal Anthony Sturm , David Hass
Tuba Jacob Legg
Timpani / Percussion Anthony Liu, Principal , Christopher Culp
Harp Kara Gibson, Principal


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