American Youth Ballet


In Yardley Hall, Johnson County Community College

Saturday 10 December 2011, 2 pm and 7 pm
American Dance Center - - (studio) and JCCC (dress/tech/performance)
in Yardley Hall

Tickets prices were $14, $20 and $22 - both performances came close to filling Yardley to capacity (1341 seats)

Rose - (2pm)

Dancers and orchestra
Dancers and the "pit" - the Overland Park Orchestra (
with music director and conductor Jim Funkhouser standing left and Kristopher Estes-Brown kneeling on the stage apron.

Notes in rehearsal on stage
Kristopher Estes-Brown gives notes to the "troops" on stage in Yardley Hall. Jennifer Tierney is top right (downstage right)

Studio rehearsal, second act, for the upcoming Nutcracker

Credits from the Program

The Nutcracker

Choreography by Kristopher Estes-Brown
Music by Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky
Set Design by Jason Phillips, Paul Mesner Puppets, Ethan Steimel
Ryan Hasler, and Kristopher Estes-Brown
Lighting Design by Eric Loffland and Kristopher Estes-Brown
Costumes by Jennifer Tierney, Deborah Green, Denna Flickner
Carol Brookover and Gayla Voss

American Dance Center -
American Youth Ballet -

Overland Park Orchestra -
Music director and conductor Jim Funkhouser


Dr. Drosselmeyer - Curt Knupp
Nephew - Eric Wright
Columbine Doll - Katy Hagen
Vivandiere - Danica Williams
Grandmother - Jennifer Tierney

Party Guest Parents
Sarah Kanaga, Hiromi Lessman, Emily Tatham
Joseph Flickner, Kristoph Gies, Dalton Heinle

Party Guest Children
Hannah Baillie, Elise Johnson, Stephanie Krutz, Malerie Moore,
Miriam Rogers, Cassie Wang, Anna Wolock
Vladamir Honc, Gael Kuhn, Ocea Thompson


Interior Drop generously underwritten by the Moore Family

Anne-Marie Dahms, Meredith Green, Sydney Wilson
Frau Stahlbaum - Deborah Green
Molly Cook (2 pm)
Andrea Dahl (7 pm)

Clara Party Scene Costume generously underwritten by the Acosta Family
Clara Nightgown costume generously underwritten by Jesse Cooper

Fritz - Asher Wilson
Louisa - Sofia Acosta
Governess - Samantha Cacy
Herr Stahlbaum - Moe Graenser

Lieutenant Mice
Julia Hughes, Anna Monaldo, Samantha Sperke, Bonnie Weinberg
Annie Cook, Julia Harshbarger, Tiye Kindred, Madeline Oliver
Elizabeth Remington, Julia Walewicz

Growing Tree generously underwritten by Cliff and Elaine Tatham

Nutcracker Prince - Joseph Flickner
Anne-Marie Dahms, Juliana Kuhn
Sofia Acosta, Olivia Althoff, Julia McGregor, Sasha Reid
Annie Schugart, Paula Walewicz, Catherine Watkins
Rat King - Moe Graenser

Snow King - Gavin Stewart
Snow Queen
Meredith Green(2 pm), Stephanie Ruley (7 pm)
Taylor Arel, Anne-Marie Dahms, Meredith Green (7 pm), Dena'h Gregory
Katy Hagen, Radie Keller, Stephanie Ruley(2 pm),
Katie Shea, Hannah Smith Yui Tadokoro,
Emily Tatham, Danica Williams, Sydney Wilson
Snow Fall generously underwritten by Cliff and Elaine Tatham


Marin Adams, Alyssa Brown, Rebecca Flores, Jordan Johnson
Lily Leach, Kristanna Moore, Reese Pope,
Shauri Shipley, Samantha Thurston, Timothy Tilbury

Hannah Smith & Radie Keller
Sofia Acosta, Molly Cook (7 pm) Anne-Marie Dahms,
Stephanie Krutz (2 pm) Juliana Kuhn, Cassie Wang,
Danica Williams, Sydney Wilson

Sugar Plum Fairy
Taylor Arel (2 pm), Emily Tatham (7 pm)

Hannah Smith (2 pm), Meredith Green (7 pm)
with Dalton Heinle

Chinese Lead
Radie Keller (2 pm), Hannah Smith (7 pm)
Chinese Corps
Annie Cook, Elise Johnson, Julia McGregor
Malerie Moore, Sasha Reid, Miriam Rogers

Mirliton Lead
Sydney Wilson (2 pm) Meredith Green (7 pm)
Mirliton Corps
Sofia Acosta, Anne-Marie Dahms, Dena'h Gregory, Juliana Kuhn

Olivia Althoff, Hannah Baillie, Anna Monaldo, Annie Schugart
Paula Walewicz, Catherine Watkins, Bonnie Weinberg, Anna Wolock
Gum Drops
Irina Honc, Ximena Flores, McKayla Penabaz, Nitya Sharma
Elise Tilbury, Katie Xue
Eleanor Camerlink, Taylor Carver, Madalyn Hesterlee
Melaina Hesterlee, Isobel Li, Tina Li, Rachel Zhao

Arabian Lead
Emily Tatham (2 pm), Stephanie Ruley (7 pm)
Arabian Corps
Amy DeHart, Maura Kate Frank (2 pm), Genevieve Frank (7 pm)

Russian Lead
Katy Hagen (2 pm), Taylor Arel (7 pm)
Russian Corps
Stephanie Krutz & Cassie Wang
Russian Corps costume generously underwritten by the Wang Family

Stephanie Ruley(2 pm), Katy Hagen(7 pm)
Sofia Acosta (7 pm), Taylor Arel (7 pm), Anne-Marie Dahms,
Meredith Green (2 pm) Dena'h Gregory (7 pm), Katy Hagen (2 pm),
Radie Keller (2 pm), Juliana Kuhn, Stephanie Ruley(7 pm),
Katie Shea, Hannah Smith (7 pm), Yui Tadakoro, Emily Tatham (2 pm),
Cassie Wang, Danica Williams, Sydney Wilson


Rehearsal (not in costume) on stage in Arabian number

Spanish number - in rehearsal (above not in costume) below during dress - Hannah Smith (2 pm show)

Arabian Lead (2 pm) Emily Tatham

Evening performance Clara (Andrea Dahl) posing flowers from her family in the same pose as holding the Nutcracker.

Rehearsal and Performance "taking off" (exiting stage right) in a driving "snow" storm (artificial snow) - Meredith Green ( Snow queen at matinee)

Snow Queen Meredith Green (2 pm) and Snow King Gavin Stewart

Taylor Arel as Sugar Plum Fairy (2 pm)

Rehearsal onstage (not in costumes)

Rehearsal onstage (not in costumes)

Stephanie Ruley as Snow Queen (7 pm performance)


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