Terms and Conditions


All photographs are purchased for personal use only and cannot be copied either in print or electronically.  Any copying of photographs is a violation of copyright.  

For information on commercial use of photographs, please call me at 816-444-4459. This may or may not be available depending of the picture and who is shown. In most cases for this I would need to contact the person, company and or persons before this type of sale can be made. If it is a good picture it is probably worth the extra effort. More, commonly, however, you may wish to re-create the picture for specific commercial use (that is, to fit your usage concepts).


All purchases require the use of PayPal (unless you contact me directly). PayPal handles all financial transactions. They are the experts here, in particular the up-to-date experts in computer security (a full-time job and one of the few computer jobs still paying well, a category now pretty much cut down to network specialists and security specialists) so I hand off all payment operations to PayPal.


Because each framed print is produced after an order is received, customers can expect their orders to arrive within four weeks of ordering. For questions, please call us at 816-444-4459


Customers can return photographs within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. If in doubt, call anyway.

Please hold on to the packaging used to send you your item and the original receipt that was included in the package. Use the original packaging, if possible, when shipping items back.

To return an item, please call 816-444-4459

Michael Strong
5921 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110