University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory of Dance and Music

The Dance Division's

Fall Concert 2012 - At the Kauffman

"Radiate! Illuminate! Dance!"

Shane Tice in Prometheus by Ronn Tice with music by Zhou Long

Featuring the choreography of
George Balanchine with "Serenade"
Ronald Tice with "Prometheus"
Ray Mercer with "Sweet Chaos"
Sabrina Madison-Cannon with "Rapture"
Gary Abbott with "Hand to Mouth"
DeeAnna Hiett with "L'amore non ha pietà in D Minor"

Tickets (from box office amounts, not the otherwise posted amounts which are a tad less):
$31 adult
$26 through KMBZ, KZPT
$12 - student, staff


Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, north-side view, monday morning - artist's entrance is on the walkway between the "shells" to the right.
1601 Broadway, (913) Kansas City, MO 64108, (816) 994-7930

Performance: Friday, Saturday October 5 and 6, 2012 - Curtain 7:30 pm


The information below is from the printed program.


Choreography by Ronald Tice
Music: The Future of Fire (2001) composed by Zhou Long (b. 1953)
Lighting design by Shara Abvabi
Costumes by Ronald Tice
Dancers: Haley Day, Danielle Glynn, Alyssa Gold, Rachael Hulse, Daley Kappenman, Rose Taylor-Spann, Joseph Flickner, Shane Tice (guest artist)

Sweet Chaos

Choreography by Ray Mercer
Music: Coaxis (2008) composed by Geoff Bennett,
Precious Blood (2012) composed by Kevin Keller/Meena Cho, and Ends (2011) composed by Mikael Karlsson
Lighting design by Douglas Macur
Rehearsal direction by Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Costume design and construction by Lisa Choules

Dancers: Alexis Borth, Mark Gieringer, DaJuan Johnson, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Desmond Roach, John Swapshire, Caitlin Vasser, Shacura Wade (Understudy: Simone Delozier)

Note: first performed by Ailey II




Choreography by Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Music: Arezzo Triptych (2012) composed by Paul Rudy (b. 1962)
Three sets of variations on sounds in and around Arezzo Cathedral

I. Heaven's rapture, hell's bells Dedicated to all of the creative innovators in the world
II. Ghost of Arezzo Cathedral
Dedicated to those who pursue their dreams regardless of the cost
III. Death's thin melody too...

Dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one without a chance to say goodbye

Music performed by the Conservatory Wind Ensemble
Vocalists: Aidan Soder, Laura Lowry, and Alice-Anne Light
Conducted by Joseph Parisi
Lighting design by Douglas Macur
Costume design by Sabrina Madison-Cannon

Dancers: Emily Berger, Alexis Borth, David Cross, Haley Day, Simone Delozier, Erika Edwards, Joseph Flickner, Chasmine Gerschefske, Mark Gieringer, Danielle Glynn, Rachel Haug, Kari Hayde, Rachael Hulse, Sarah Herbert, Erin Kane, Daley Kappenman, Lexi Panfil, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Liza Rod, Desmond Roach, Emily Rost, Abbie Shadid, Donnice Schilling, Alyssa Schneider, Katherine Schneller, Kameron Saunders, Hannah Studebaker, Yui Tadokoro, Gwendolyn Tripp, Caitlin Vasser, Shacura Wade, Dempsey Ward

Hand to Mouth

Choreography by Gary Abbott
Music: 12/12 (2000) composed by Cafe Tacvba
Music performed by Kronos Quartet
Lighting design by Brandon Clark
Costume design by Gary Abbott

Dancers: Haley Day, Simone Delozier, Chasmine Gerschefske, DaJuan Johnson, Desmond Roach, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Caitlin Vasser, Shacura Wade

L'amore non ha pietà in D Minor

Note: world premiere

Choreography by DeeAnna Hiett
Music: Suffering in D Minor (2012) composed by Drew Mantia
Lighting design by Brandon Clark
Costume design by DeeAnna Hiett

Dancers: Kelsi Benage, Branson Bice, Juanita Carter, Hannah Castleman, Haley Day, Simone Delozier, Erika Edwards, Joseph Flickner, Chasmine Gerschefske, Mark Gieringer, Danielle Glynn, Alyssa Gold, Monica Hacker, Dominique Harris, Rachael Haug, Sarah Herbert, Abigail Hinrichs, Rachael Hulse, DaJuan Johnson, Daley Kappenman, Grace Lewis, Brooke McPheeters, Hannah Odgers, Lexi Panfil, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Appie Peterson, Matthew Redix, Desmond Roach, Liza Rod, Emily Rost, Leah Rudd, Kameron Saunders, Alyssa Schneider, Abbie Shadid, Hannah Studebaker, Yui Tadokoro, Caitlin Vasser, Dempsey Ward


Conservatory Orchestra Personnel

Filip Lazovski", concertmaster
Marissa Carlson
Zsolt Eder
Kei Fukuda
Shih-Han Pan

Jonathan Eddy*,
Terris Roberts,
Sarah Holmes,
Nathaniel Humphrey

Mei-Chun Chen*,
Kevan Clarkston,
Shih-Hsun Pan,
Hillary Sametz,
Gloria Britez Scolari,
Yuan-Yu Weng

Jeff Millen*,
David Boese,
Benjamin Duvall,
Eman Gallehdari-Chalshotori,
Nathan Hoffman,
James Mitchell

Noah McNair*,
Taylor Gwin,
Matt McGrory

* — principal
Principals listed alphabetically, then section members listed alphabetically after principals

Music director and conductor: Robert Olson
Orchestra Manager/Librarian: Steve Lewis and Parinya Chucherdwatanasak
Assistant conductors: Parinya Chucherdwatanasak, Marcio Landi, Steve Lewis and Shao Zhang


Conservatory Wind Ensemble

(there are no principal players)

Jun Aita, MM, San Francisco, CA
Kim Abeyta, BME, Lee's Summit, MO
Christina Choi, MM, Dunwoody, GA
Coty Dennis, MM, Colorado Springs, CO
Chris Kidwell, BME, Kansas City, MO
Xin Jing, MM, Beijing, China

Emily Foltz, BM, Parkville, MO
Kim Foskett, BM, Gladstone, MO
Trista Taylor, BME, New London, Wl
Jade Williams, BA, Wichita, KS

Rachel Braband, DMA, Lombard, IL
Jared Brittain, BME, Blue Springs, MO
Paige Buris, BME, Nevada, MO
Samantha Choi, BA, Parkville, MO
Brandon Crawford, BM, Turlock, CA
Julia Janda, BME, BM, Waynesville, MO
Hilary Lowery, BM, Norman, OK
Madeline Pointer, BM, Arnold, MO
Andrea Wilger, MM, Omaha, NE

Alex Burns, BME, Blue Springs, MO
Jeffery Deutsch, BA, Marshall, MO
Paul Ewert, BS, Blue Springs, MO
Stephanie Felts, BME, St. Louis, MO
Karl Gottschalk, BA, Lenexa, KS

Matt Kasper, BME, Kansas City, MO
Kaitlyn Keck, BME Bethany, MO
Tyler Rick, BME, Independence, MO
Colleen Seyer, BME, BM, Arnold, MO
Jonathan Snowden, BM, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Warren Spillman, BME, Blue Springs, MO
Gerald Turner, BA, Grandview, MO
Nick Turner, BME, Kansas City, MO
William White, BME, Blue Springs, MO

Kris Bishop, BME, Holt, MO
Carlos Galletti, BME, Orlando, FL
Mallory Huck, BA, Farmington, MO
Meghan Phadke, BM, Olathe KS
Emelie Pfaff, BM, Ljungby, Sweden

Ben Campbell, BM, Ann Arbor, Ml
David Clemmer, DMA, Arlington, TX
Andrew Putnam, DMA, Schofield, Wl
Eric Taylor, Webb City, MO
Kyle Unruh, MM, Goessel, KS
Jena Wight, BM, Blue Springs, MO
Dominic Zanaboni, BME, Aurora, MO

Laura Brekke, BM, Kansas City, MO
John Eagan, BA, Union, MO
Kyle Hall, BME, St. Louis, MO
Kristen Shedor, BME, Overland Park, KS

Stephen Hennerberg, BM, Leawood, KS

Jacob Bubb, BM, Kirkwood, MO
Brandon Wright, BME, Wichita, KS

William Faber, BA, Blue Springs, MO
Luke Fitzgerald, BM, Kansas City, MO
Sarah Keck, BME, Bethany, MO
Larry Williams, BME, Kansas City, MO

Michael Erman, BM, Marshal/town, IA
Morgan Greenwood, BM, Olathe, KS
Stanislaus Heaney, BA, Omaha, NE
Daniel Jarrett, BME, Overland Park, KS
Garrett Pfau, BM, Lenexa, KS
Jeff Seba, BM, Liberty, MO
Joshua Zornes, BM, Kansas City, MO

Dominique Sanders, BME, Kansas City, MO


Concert Director Paula Weber
Technical Director Robert Beck

Stage Manager Alexandra M. Klasing
Assistant Stage Managers Emily E. Duffin and Aaron Galang

Lead Lighting Designers Brandon Clark and Douglas Macur
Lighting Designers Shara Abvabi and Kyle Coyer

Sound Designers Robert Beck and Jason Scheuffler
Costume Manager Holly Lewis
Videographers Donnice Schilling, Michael Strong, and Nicole English

Technical Crew Kelsey Crawford, Mallory Fisher, Kelsi Grove, Monica Hacker, Rachel Haug, Dalton Heinle, Abbie Hinrichs, Shane Horan, DaJuan Johnson, Brooke McPheeters, Hannah Odgers, Matthew Redix, Emily Rost, Leah Rudd, Alexandra Wallace, and Sophie Yancey


Paula Weber, chair of UMKC Dance Division
Mary Pat Henry, associate dean of Conservatory Faculty Affairs
Sabrina Madison-Cannon, associate dean of Conservatory Undergraduate Curriculum
Gary Abbott
DeeAnna Hiett
Ronald Tice
Adjunct professors:
Christina Burton,
Nicole English,
Billie Mahoney,
Ann Shaughnessy,
Michael Strong,
Lisa Thorn-Vinzant
Lighting design professor: Victor Tan


Douglas Macur, lighting
Robert Beck, chief audio recording engineer
Jason Courtney, graphic artist
Blair Coppola and Emily Duffin, stage managers
Kent Swafford, piano technician


Peter Witte, dean
James Snell, associate dean of performance/enrollment management
Dana Self, director of marketing
Kristin Shafel, information specialist
Jane Schaefer, concert activities manager
Gailyn Strayer, business/fiscal manager

Special thanks to
Fiddly Fig Florist, the official florist of the Conservatory Artist Series
The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City
ArtsKC Fund
The Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation









Alyssa Gold and Mark Gieringer

Tice and Flickner - Prometheus

Haley Day lifted by Kameron Saunders

Paul Rudy in Rapture
Rapture - Paul Rudy on instrument

Alyssa Gold

Pictures after


Loading In the KCB rig - Monday October 1, 2012


For this performance the Kansas City Ballet is contributing their rig, which will stay in place for KCB's performance the next week. That will save UMKC some $10-$15-thousand dollars off an initial estimate of $60,000 to put this on at Kauffman.

lights on stage ready to attach
Fixtures lined up under their locations

Attaching lights to the bars
attaching the fixtures

motorized lights
One of the boxed lights with motorized movement and filters. Maybe Kal-El could emerge and become superman.

Racks of flooring
Flooring to place over the bare stage. First the suspended 4x8-foot flooring panels for a cushioned floor then the
Marley (rolls on holders to the right) is laid over the top. The flooring sections have sloping end panels which are
placed at the left adn right ends of the floor.

CU of flooring
This shows you the top side (left) which is finished. That rests on rubber pads which in turn are connected to masonite.
This is very much needed to keep dancers injury free. Hard floor without suspension lead to joint wear and tear, killing careers.

laying floor
Laying down a 4x8-foot section of the flooring. The rubber pads and masonite are on the bottom.

using the key to lock the flooring together
Locking the panels together at the sides is down with hooks inside the floor. The hooks are operated by turning a key,
which is what this man is doing.

lifting a tower/truss boom
Crew lifting a truss/tower boom. Five of these units are put together for each side of the stage, in the wings.

safety line
Securing the boom at the top with safety lines so it won't fall over.

Inserting filters, Shara Abvabi

Getting the news that they won'te be able to work as late as they thought, meaning a schedule change.

almost there
Almost done with most of it. The Marley on top of the suspended floor still needs material.

setting addresses
Putting in addresses for lighting boards. No, this was not a staged photo, though it is on a stage.


Getting the show ready - rehearsals, runs and techs


Lexie handing out badge
Dancer Haley Day gets her name badge from stage manager Lexi Klasing (finishing a theater degree, who graduated in dance this year0>

Branson Bice and badge
Branson Bice, mugging for the camera with his name badge.

Mark Gieringer
Mark Gieringer and name badge. Everybody needed badges to work in Kauffman.

Desmond Roach
Desmond Roach in L'Amore non ha pieta in D Minor - in studio run through.

DeeAnnaHiett and
DeeAnna Hiett demonstrates for Haley Day (back) and Mark Gieringer (front) the position Mark needs to get to.

Alyssa Gold
Alyssa Gold in Prometheus

In the Door
Watching from the door to PAC 103 as the run through gets ready to start - at right: Joe Flickner.

Setting lights for Prometheus. (Note: yes, this is a single shot, nothing set up - Tokina 11mm f/28 very wide angle lens)


Lexie Klasing
Stage manager Lexie Klasing.

light board
House lights up during tech for Prometheus by Ronn Tice: In front is Shara Abvabi
and behind is stage manager Lexie Klasing and behind her is Paula Weber, concert director

Sweet Chaos

Hand to Mouth
Hand to Mouth - on stage rehearsal at White Recital hall the week before going into Kauffman.


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