Music of Our Lives 2006
Presented by The Foundation on Aging ( - no longer working)
Directed and Staged by Billie Mahoney

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Billie Mahoney dancers rehearsal

Host, singer, Brian Steele

Sounds of Yesterday: Tim Daniels, Don Spain, Gary Marquardt, Mary Marquardt

New Red Onion Jazz Babies: Gary Gollner, Barry Springer, Dan Strom, Pete Kersten

On stage The Scamps and Myra

Ballroom Dancers in front of the Abel Ramirez band

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Billie Mahoney Dancers wtih The Scamps.

The Scamps: Allen Munroe, Lucky Wesley, Wallace Jones, Dwight Foster

Geneva Price and Myra Taylor with The Scamps

Abel Ramirez Band (Abel on drums)

Pearl Thuston Brown

Ballroom Dancers in front of the Abel Ramirez band

Harold Arlen Songs - Mary McMahon, Julie Harris, Nancy Van Fleet, Jackie Anderson

Billie Mahoney dancers rehearsal

Ballroom Dancers in front of the Abel Ramirez band

Music of Our Lives 2006

15 October 2006
Presented by the Foundation on Aging
Directed and Staged by
Billie Mahoney

Music of Our Lives

Directed and Staged by Billie Mahoney
Host / Master of Ceremonies
Brian Steele


A special tribute to Dr. Jack Walker
Going to Kansas City   Sounds of Yesterday

Kansas City as Cow Town

Wah! Hoo!   New Red Onion Jazz Babies
COWGIRLS   Billie Mahoney Dance Troupe
  "My Pony Boy"
  "Ragtime Cowboy Joe"
  Arranged and accompanied: Walter Bryant
FIDDLIN' HOEDOWN   Sounds of Yesterday
"Liberty"   Tim Daniels, fiddle
"Columbus Stockade Blues"   Gary Marquardt
"Wayfaring Stranger"   Don Spain, harmonica
"Orange Blossom Special"   Tim Daniels & Don Spain

Kansas City as a Railroad Town

"Wabash Cannon Ball"   New Red Onion Jazz Babies
Word Jam Trio
voice   Dan Jaffe
sax   Loren Pickford
drums   Leon Brady

Kansas City as Jazz Town

"Night Train"   The Scamps
"Straighten Up and Fly Right"    
"Lady is a Scamp"   Geneva Price
"Willow Weep for Me"    
"Route 66"   Billie Mahoney Dancer Troupe
"Mama"   Myra Taylor
"Sunny Side of the Street"    
"Going to Kansas City"
"Saints Go Marching In" (Trad.)   New Red Onion Jazz Babies

The Music of Harold Arlen

"Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive"   Nancy Van Fleet
"Let's Fall in Love"   Mary McMahon
"That Old Black Magic"   Julie Harris
"Blues in the Night"   Jackie Anderson
"Between the Devil..."   Nancy Van Fleet
"The Man that Got Away"   Julie Harris
"Come Rain or Come Shine"   Jackie Anderson
"Stormy Weather"   Mary McMahon
"When the Sun Comes Out"   Nancy Van Fleet
"It's Only a Paper Moon"   Jackie Anderson
"I've Got the World on a String"   Mary McMahon
"Over the Rainbow"   Nancy Van Fleet
"Get Happy"   Julie Harris

The Music of Irving Berlin

"This is the Army, Mr. Jones"   Brian Steele
"Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning"    
bugler   Tony Swischer
piano   Suzanne Steinle

World War II Tribute: Recognition of Service Veterans

    Brian Steele

Stage Door Canteen

"St. Louis Blues"   The Able Ramirez Band
"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"
  Marjorie Rees & Mark Harris
  Norma Crowley & Richard Kent
  Leon & Lavoughn Daugherty
  Joie Tenenbaum & Charles McGowan
  Dave Shelton
PIANO DYNAMICS   Pearl Thuston Brown
"Our Love is Here to Stay"    
"But Not for Me"    
"Serenade in Blue"
"Don't Mean a Thing, If You Ain't Got that Swing"
  Frank Nigro & Mary McCoy
  David Hammond & Betty Madrid
"Going to Kansas City"    


The New Red Onion Jazz Babies
clarinet   Gary Gollner
trumpet   Barry Springer
trombone   Dan Strom
piano   Walter Bryant
tuba   Paul Rodabaugh
drums   Kent Rausch
banjo, vocals   Pete Kersten
Sounds of Yesterday
fiddle   Tim Daniels
harmonica   Don Spain
guitar   Gary Marquardt
bass   Mary Marquardt
The Scamps
bass, vocals   Lucky Wesley
saxophone   Dwight Foster
piano   Allen Monroe
drums   Wallace Jones
The Abel Ramirez Big Band
1st tenor   John Jordon
1st alto   Marlin Cooper
2nd tenor   Dennis Black
baritone   Tony De Bennedetto
1st   Tony Swischer
2nd   John Keady
3rd   Greg Maddux
4th   Bill Brame
1st   Bill Capell
2nd   Don Woerner
3rd   Ted Holdohl
4th   Bill Barnes
piano   Steve Dillman
bass   Carl Fusaro
drums   Abel Ramirez
Billie Mahoney Dance Troupe
  JoAnn Armstrong
  Cindy Bleck
  Charlotte Cates
  Bunny Douglas
  Maureen Gentry
  Rita Jacobsmeyer
  Donna Patty
  Cori Pohrer
  Sharon Sanderson
  Sue Singer
  Janice Smith
  Laura Vaughan
  Jane York
Jazz Poetry
saxophone   Loren Pickford
drums   Leon Brady
voice   Dan Jaffe
Kansas City as a Jazz Town
  Myra Taylor
  Geneva Price
Music of Harold Arlen
  Nancy Van Fleet
  Mary McMahon
  Julie Harris
  Jackie Anderson
Music of Irving Berlin
  Brian Steele
Stage Manager   Tamara Kingston
Director of the Carlsen Center   Charles Rogers
Supervisor   Anthony Perry
Carlsen Center Stage Manager   Brad Norman
Lightboard Operator   Christopher Good
Soundboard Operator   Iam Mason
Followspot   Robb Ryan Hasler
Followspot   Eric Loffland
Stage Carpenters   John McClusky
  Steve Diaz
  Dane Murray
Photography & Videography   Mike Strong
  Nicole English