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Frankie Manning Links

Date: 22 April 2003, Mike Strong

Head for Google and enter a search for "Frankie Manning" (include the quotes) and you get a large number of links. Here are a few of them, distilled on this page. It doesn't take much of a look to realize that Frankie Manning's influence and current travel takes him all over the world (really, ALL).

This weekend (weekend of April 25th 2003) we will be fortunate to have this man in Kansas City at Louis Bar's studio, Louis and Company in Overland Park, KS (913-385-0707 If you can get there, do. This one costs a little more than some of the other workshops but this is one you really don't want to miss. Workshops happen on a fairly regular basis, including workshops from the best dance instructors. But ...

We don't often get the chance to take classes from walking, talking, dancing history, in person. From one of the originators of swing. From someone who straddles the eras from the 20's and to this new century and the enormous societal changes which have taken place in that period of time.

The society that Frankie Manning found himself in so long ago (and for some, not so long ago) seems in some ways almost as if it must have been another planet in another system. And in some ways, not so different.

In any case please head for the workshop and in any case inform your attendance with information from the link below. In particular, check out the interviews.

If you can get hold of Norma Miller's Book "Swingin' at the Savoy, Memoirs of a Jazz Dancer" pick it up. It don't know whether it is still in print. Mine is precious. Miller writes about the events, places and people from her own perspective, a dancer. Not a sociologist or political scientist so her observations mean more to those of us who dance.


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