Movie Critics are Idiots
I strongly suspect they have a checklist on paper in order to know whether they even enjoyed the movie. That's why their star ratings so seldom match my own reactions.
I think they have some sort of intellectual list of items they need to have filled in before they figure out whether they even had a good time. If all items are checked movie critics think they enjoyed the movie. If not they only give it a partial rating in stars or numbers. In reading the critic's assesment of "Dance With Me" you might wonder whether it is worth going to see. In general they tend to give it about 2 1/2 stars out of four or about a 4 out of 10. These critics tell you the dancing is pretty good but don't take the drama seriously.

Idiots. ( 1 ) The movie dances all the way through (unless they think the only dancing is in the national competition part at the end). ( 2 ) Critics are off in their own little world and seem to have missed the entire point.
Does "Dance With Me" have great drama? Thank goodness no. I give it four stars for NOT making me go through epic struggles with the characters. I LOVE the story line which is darn-near totally predictable. The entire move is fun and FRESH to go to. It is like heading to a nice and warm family gathering. I felt refreshed coming out of the movie.
What's more the refreshing feeling even stays with me. I can't tell you how many "serious" movies left me when I left the cinema. I still remember the sense of fun and feeling the simple pleasure of good company. So how many movies do you really remember the sense of watching it for any length of time after you leave? How many "great movies" give you a great movie experience?