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KCDance Time - Opening Night - 7 July 2006

Photos by Mike Strong

Showing at Blue Wolf Gallery Show
July 2006

110 West 18th Street, Kansas City, Mo

First Friday Opening was July 7, 2006
Gallery doors opened at 5pm, show at 7pm
Gallery Phone: 816-221-9653
Show Taken Down 31 August 2006

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Pre-Opening Page This is the page with the invitation to the gallery opening.
View a wall diagram To view a diagram of the wall for the exhibit (in PDF, you will need Acrobat) click here (note: 3.3 megabyte download)
View a database listing Click here to peruse the catalog online before you head down to Blue Wolf in person. Not all the pictures were on the walls and a couple of the pictures on the walls are not listed in the online catalog. Purchase these pictures at Blue Wolf Gallery.
While the exhibit is up please purchase these pictures through the Blue Wolf Gallery. Later they will be available for purchase online. If you don't see a picture hanging at the Blue Wolf you can order one from the catalog through the gallery.

Just across from the Arts Incubator on the north side of the arts district near the corner of 18th and Baltimore.

This was a fun opening with a party atmosphere and those GRRLS dancing for the crowd. If you weren't there view a few pictures and enjoy the party anyway. In the back room John Lujan had a cool exhibit of prints. The crowd was heaviest from about 7pm to about 9pm and began to taper off after that. By 10pm it was kind of balanced between those who came for the show and those who came for the dance music Howard Carney was spinning.

Nicole English, belly dancer, entertains the crowd.

A little Goth Hula from the GRRLS, Michelle in front with Nicole and Gayle in back. Hey, you can't get much better than this. Metalized Hula!

These kids can't quite believe what they are seeing - Goth Hula? Really? How old?

The bar area in the rear middle of the room.

Nicole English

Nicole English responds to the audience

They brought the swords by to sharpen up the exhibit - JoAnne and Barbara - from Lawrence

Later the tango group dropped in to finish up the night.

Tony Witt and Jessica Thompson from Amoré

All but the tango dancers were left, but they kept going.

Donna Patty (left) and Billie Mahoney

Howard brought his sound system and spun CDs

Chris and Peggy, Gallery Owners just before opening time

Tony dips Jessica - The music included west coast.

End of a long day/night working at the gallery- Tired gallery owners Chris and Peggy sitting on the stairs the the upstairs backroom. The lower backroom with John Lujan's exhibit is just behind them.



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