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KCDance Time

Photos by Mike Strong - Includes GRRLS, GRRLS, GRRLS
(a few, anyway, dancing Middle Eastern and Hula and "other" ethnic)

Showing at Blue Wolf Gallery

110 West 18th Street, Kansas City, Mo

First Friday Opening was July 7, 2006
Gallery doors opened at 5pm, show at 7pm
Gallery Phone: 816-221-9653
Show Taken Down - Aug 31, 2006


Opening Party This page has pictures from the gallery opening on 7 July 2006.
View a wall diagram To view a diagram of the wall for the exhibit (in PDF, you will need Acrobat) click here (note: 3.3 megabyte download)
View a database listing Click here to peruse the catalog online before you head down to Blue Wolf in person. Not all the pictures were on the walls and a couple of the pictures on the walls are not listed in the online catalog. Purchase these pictures at Blue Wolf Gallery.
While the exhibit is up please purchase these pictures through the Blue Wolf Gallery. Later they will be available for purchase online. If you don't see a picture hanging at the Blue Wolf you can order one from the catalog through the gallery.

Just across from the Arts Incubator on the north side of the arts district near the corner of 18th and Baltimore.

After Party, way after, in the Arts Incubator (fundraiser for Fringe Festival).

This is a chance to see in person the full-quality (hi-res) versions of the very lo-res pictures shown on the website (www.kcdance.com). This is also the first actual gallery showing of any of my works. Please feel free to buy. Come on down on July 7th for the entertainment and for the overall arts atmosphere. Bring money. (Yes, I said that, for those of you who know how non-commercial I am). Spend like crazy. Make me an instant millionaire.

I seldom ever add any information about me on this site. I normally just show you what I run into to. And then I hope to have a more active outside life than I usually get to.

These pictures are, for the most part, taken within the last year. Some of the pictures harken back a few years to the dance scene in the mid-90's in Kansas City.

Below are a few pictures which provide a taste of what is included. This time you will be able to view some of these pictures in actual 20x30-inch size, a couple in 24x36 and a lot in something close to tabloid size. I intend to also have a selection of small pictures for you "groundlings" and trinket hounds.

Click here to peruse the catalog online before you head down to Blue Wolf in person.
Purchase these pictures at Blue Wolf Gallery.

Calm in the Storm


Trip the Light Fantastic

"Dear Friend", Wylliams/Henry: Katie Jenkins

Katie Cowan, "Ain't no Grave"

Grand Emporium Swing

City in Motion

Fedora's Tango: Jenny, Bruno


Golden Veil Dance

Dance Lesson at Knuckleheads

Kansas City Two-Steppin



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