Grand Prix of Swing - Video Order

Video and Photography by Mike Strong - Copyright 2005 Mike Strong - all rights reserved


Kenny Nelson & Josie Lawhon, Matt Auclair & Debbie Figueroa,
Mary Carrington Harris and Bill Corey, Jeanne de Geyter & Austin Murrey in
Advanced Stricly Swing comp.

Grand Prix of Swing - 2005

Video Order:


   Item Version Price    Quantity    Total   
  Workshop Video Notebook              
VHS (tape) $20      
DVD $25      
  Overall Event Video              
VHS (tape) $35      
DVD $40      
  Both Videos as a set: Workshop Notebook and Overall Event              
DVD and VHS $45      
DVD and DVD $50      

Delivery within two weeks.
No shipping charge if ordered at the event

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