Way Back Wednesdays

Archive Page - no longer current information

with Dick Wilson
at the Park Place Hotel (soon to change names)
in the Boardwalk Lounge

East Kansas City, From 435 to front street then north on Universal

Kansas City Social Dance - KCDance.Com
Photos by Mike Strong, Copyright © 2022 Mike Strong All rights reserved

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Dick Wilson


Way Back Wednesdays, the weekly institution run by oldies DJ Dick Wilson is just good old time fun. In the Boardwalk Lounge at the Park Place Hotel every wednesday evening you will find a packed room of mid-week dancers (phone ahead for holidays).

The age range starts around 35 and heads all the way up from there. If you are old enough to remember when two people danced together and young enough to know you haven't really gotten older, here is where to go.

A fun and comfortable crowd. Dick Wilson (Oldies 95, 94.9 fm in the mornings) hosts this shindig. He starts around 6 pm and goes to about 8:30 pm. After that a band take over for live music dancing into the night.