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The following text is excerpted from a Touch Dancing brochure.
(That means that typos are mine. Contact Touch Dancing for their most current information. The logo belongs to Touch Dancing. This page was modified to add their changed location at 9333 with a photo of the front.)  
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Touch Dancing

Ballroom Latin and Swing Club

Touch Dance Logo
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Phone: 816-436-5270
9333 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO 64155

( At the intersection of Highway 152 and North Oak Streets. Take the exit to the northeast corner of the intersection area. The studio is on the north-east strip mall, facing west [across from a Wendy's]. )

    Touch Dancing is an exciting club concept offering expert dance instruction, a variety of dance programs and memberships to fit every budget. As a school we teach you to dance with the best of them and as a Club we provide you with the best of them to dance with.


    Joe and Student dancing at a Friday night party.
    Private Lessons: You are one to one with your own teacher in the studio. 

    Classes: Supplement your private lessons and greatly reduce your learning time by attending group classes. 

    Club Nite (Parties): The "fun" part of the learning process. Parties supply the the "battle conditions" essential to becoming an expert. They are also a great place to meet people. 

    Club Facilities: Open from 1 pm to 10 pm Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm Saturdays. Members are welsome to enjoy the facilities, sit in on the lessons, study the video tapes and practice to their heart's content. 

    Guest Parties: A bonus for those members wishing to introduce their friends to the club and its staff. Valuable prizes, free lessons and out appreciation all go to the members participating in our "Guest Program." 

    Outside Actitivies: Usually held at fine hotels and open to all members on a pay as you go basis.


    Two students dancing at a friday night party.
    Introductory: A short number of lessons allowing you to examine the club and your own dance intentions. 

    Variety: A dancing program to quickly develop the average learner into a confortable social dancer. 

    Awards: (Bronze, Silver, Gold): Advanced social dance with social dancing events. 

    Limited: For those who wish to enjoy the social whirl of the club.