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Major In-Touch Swingsters

Tex and Kurt

Kurt Wegner
Tex Houston
Two people, who came together to teach swing, brought swing dancing to a lot of people in Kansas City. Their beneficiaries number in the hundreds - at least.
Tex Houston and Kurt Wegner teach every Sunday evening at The Grand Emporium from 8 pm to 11 pm and on other days prior to swing bands and rockabilly bands.  At 11 pm the band comes on stage.  Call 816.561.3424 for information on their swing-dance lessons.  

Tex and Kurt also teach swing on Saturdays at the Midtown School of Dance, 1410 W. 39th St. (across from Minsky's) 816.561.6873 (in 5-week sessions on Saturdays) 
They are available for lessons at weddings, couple showers and parties. 

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These two are responsible for getting hundreds at least (haven't counted) of people dancing to swing music. Those are a lot of people who otherwise might have been sitting by the sidelines and feeling miserable because they "can't" dance. A couple of hours with them and you will have more fun on the dance floor than you thought possible.