Tomfooleries Restaurant and Bar

on the Plaza
612 West 47th St, Kansas City, Mo 64111 - 816.753-0555

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8,000 Square feet of dance floor -Dave Stephens Swing Band

A little swing on a wednesday night at Tomfooleries with music by the Grand Marquis Email to

Tomfooleries is one of the most popular sports bars in the midtown area. Usually filled with 20's through 40's at least. The band sets up in one of the two front windows or in the back. Here they are set up in the west front window which also has the most room in terms of a small amount of floor space in the traffic aisle.

Hardwood, one, two or three couples at a time, depending on style though you can also dance in the (other) aisles.

Various types of music, to the right is a blues band (east front window).

The bar is a full restaurant with meals, drinks and lots of booths. It is all shoe-horned into a narrow, long area at Jefferson and 47th Streets (katy-cornered from Unity Temple). Parking on streets or the nearby parking lot about half a block south on Jefferson.