Mac's South Kansas City Jazz and Blues

11816 Blue Ridge Blvd, Grandview, MO - (816) 763-9400 (19 June 2003)
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Grandview, MO just east about a quarter-mile of Highway 71 exit on Blue Ridge on the north side of the road (opposite the motel).

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Mac's South is one of the sponsoring locations for the 2003 documentary / dance competition for the Kansas City variety of Two Steppin'. To quote the flyer: ""All About Two Steppin" is a planned 90-minute documentary on this Kansas City Style of dancing. This is produced by Rodney Thompson and Stinson McClendon." The night we were there Rodney and Stinson and their crew were heavy into videotaping for the documentary.

Mac's is an R&B and Jazz club, congenial and relaxing with a good atmosphere. On our visit we felt among friends. What more can you ask? The bar area, seating areas and dance floor seemed to be joined by an invisible web of community.

Most parking is around the back of the club so head right on back. Otherwise the tiny area up front could be discouraging and the constant traffic past it is apt to mow you down. Inside the bar area is toward the back of the room, then tables followed by a dance area up front (about 12x25 vinyl tile) then in front a raised seating area and a DJ stand.

(Pictures from June 19, 2003 visit)

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