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Louis E. LeMere

Louis was always a friend, to so many people who came through Arthur Murray's.


at the

3 Oct 2004



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Edited Excerpt: "Louis passed away Thursday afternoon, September 16, 2004. He had a hole in his heart, which kept his blood from oxygenating effectively. Louis was only forty-four years old."

Studio Remembrance

Sunday, October 3, 2004 Louis was remembered at the studio. I got there just a little after 1pm thinking the visitors would be starting shortly. They were already there. The parking lot in front of Arthur Murray's was full and overflowing well into the lot across the street. Here are a few pictures.

There were moments of sadness in memory. Sometimes conversation would stop for a bit. But mostly this was a celebration of the good times and of life's fun. Jokes, laughter and broad smiles dominated as people said hello again. There were visitors from hundreds of miles away and visitors from years away.

Sunday was a balmly, sunny, bright day. Darren said the funeral (in Indiana) had also been on a sunlit day and started on a very somber mood. Then early videos of Louis were played. Laughter erupted. Wonderful, bright laughter.

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