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Depot #9 Saloon

with Dave Stephens playing, 18-19 January 2003
in Ameristar Casino (left), saloon at right with dance patrons.
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Just the right size - Dave Stephens Swing Band for this date
Ameristar runs local favorites in Depot #9 Saloon on Saturday/Sunday.
(as of this date: Jan 2003)

This was from 4pm to 8pm Saturday and Sunday. The room itself is about 60x30 feet in dark wood and red-brick in semi-rustic sports-bar style, with a very nice hardwood floor raised several feet over the base elevation in the rest of the casino, making it a nice dance surface of about 25x15 feet across width of the room. The room was open to bypass traffic. The bar side was mostly bar patrons who watched the dancers (as if watching the entertainment). The stage/screen side had just the right size to be both intimate for a medium crowd and large enough for five or six couples to dance without squeezing themselves too tightly.