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Amoré Dance Studio : New-Move Party

The New Location is at 39th and Pennsylvania (Southeast corner)

NOTE: Amoré is now at 11800 Quivira in Overland Park, KS

After making improvements and to the building with and intent to buy, the owner decided not to sell. So they closed down in April 2010 to move everything to a new location, 11800 Quivira (mall at the northwest corner of 119th and Quivira, far west side)

See the new location here with the grand opening on the 8th of May, just four years and a month and a week after opening in Westport

The old location was cool, like a great New York studio apartment on two levels. But the building was being converted to condos and Tony Witt and Jessica Thompson had to come up with purchase money or move elsewhere. They did managed to arrange for the money, but in the meantime Jessica found a better spot. Twice the floor space and about the same money. They moved.

They formally opened on the 1st of April and held their new-opening party on the 15th of April. It must have required a few logistics calculations because they kept their business going with a full schedule at the old location and at all the class and event locations around the Kansas City area right up to moving day.

For the last year and a third, since opening Amoré on the east side of the River Market (523 Grand building) they have been working a plan to build their business, attract teachers, give workshops and events and expand their area of teaching both in the studio and around the KC metro area. The condo change threw them a curve which wound up giving them a better situation.

Tony and Jessica

Tony and Jessica

Hip Hop

Line Dancing: Jessica and Katia in front

Jake and Chrissy, swing

Jake and Chrissy, swing


The Amoré kitchen area laden with party snacks.

Amoré Dance Studio

New-Location Party
15 April 2006
39th and Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111

Looking at the North and Northwest sides of the building. Amoré occupies the center row of windows on the west side. A parking lot is on the south (behind the building on the south).


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Amore Dance, 11800 Quivira, Overland Park, KS 66213

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