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Written after The Bait Shack decided to kill off Louis Bar's Tango class. They had a regular cash bar setup at each class/dance but didn't make much money in alcoholic beverages. It was included within another page at the time.

No More Dancing

Because There Aren't Enough Drunk Dancers  

Recently, after what seemed to be several promising months of Sunday night tango I had to post this notice.

No more Tango Nights On Sundays at Stanley Bait Shack

Louis Bar announced that The Bait Shack cancelled the space for lack of money.  

Unfortunately Louis' experience here (and recently at Rodehouse Ruby's) is a common theme for dancers of all types. Nightclubs see a lot of dancers and expect a lot of liquor sales but most dancers either don't drink alcohol or drink very, very little alcohol.  

To be fair dancers do tend to be on the cheap side when spending entertainment money but in talking to many dancers over a period of time (and speaking for myself as well) most dancers are willing to pay a heavier cover to compensate for not buying alcohol.  

Personally I find it exasperating, not to mention disreputable that dancer's healthy and sober habits should be undesirable and that bars deliberately cultivate drunks instead.

This is an old story for dancers. We like to dance. When we go somewhere to dance we dance. We don't drink much of anything in the line of alchohol.

During roughly the same time period two other places killed swing dance at their venues, 39 on Main and Liquid Lounge which shut down for remodeling and re-opened with new ownership at Barlows Blues Cafe.